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Thank you for visiting the Network. The Refugee Mental Health Resource Network is a web-based listing of a professional community of volunteer psychologists and mental health professionals.

The Network’s mission is to connect psychologists and other mental health professionals who are willing to offer their services pro-bono to non-profit agencies and organizations working with a growing population of refugees around the world. For more information about the Network, please click on the About tab.

Although the website is under construction, if you have already registered your information through the following link, we will have your information published in the database shortly.

If you are interested and have not registered for the database, you may still do so here.

Once your information is published, you’ll have an opportunity to access your profile and make edits or additions. To access your volunteer or representative profile, you’ll also need to register as a user of this website. All content on this website will be moderated by the website administrator. Please feel free to contact the website administrator with any issues or concerns regarding the use of this website. Please visit the About page for more information about the Refugee Mental Health Resource Network.

Appreciation to the University of West Georgia for technical support of the database and website.